Design Process

Good design is simply combining a number of elements into an attractive and useful solution.  My first goal was to create a feminine version of the classic CTR ring.  The right design could be used as a ring, pendant or earrings – and just as easily be applied outside of jewelry.

Before studying jewelry design, I spent two years being trained by a Swiss master engraver.  He taught traditional lettering and hand engraving.  He emphasized the beauty of each letter, creating balance and taking enough time to complete each task precisely.

Over the years, I have created many beautiful pieces of jewelry, for both local and international clients.  Designing these LDS themed pieces has reminded me how my Swiss master would turn letters into art.

For the CTR design, I started with a heart outline. The challenge was to design letters that would best fill the space and blend together.

The curve of the C was obvious.  Giving the T a point is a variation from a traditional Celtic style.  The R is based on a popular script, and adapted to match.

The finished result is a feminine monogram that is balanced, legible and attractive.

For the LDS motif, I wanted to use bold letters, tightly knit together.  It combines both strength and unity.  Using an oval frame allows it to be adapted to many variations, and is suitable for both male and female jewelry.

ARH stands for “Always Remember Him”, serving as a reminder of baptismal covenants referred to during the Sacrament.  The design incorporates the infinity symbol, suggesting the eternal nature of our commitments.

Only precious metal alloys are used for Celestial Ringdom products.  And to ensure the quality of each item, they are carefully finished by hand.  I trust that you will appreciate the value and workmanship that goes into every piece in this range.