In September 2000, an important milestone was reached in the international growth of the Church.  In this month, the number of non-English speaking members exceeded the number of English speakers.

English is still the most spoken language in the Church, being used by 39.7% of all members.  Spanish is only marginally behind at 31.1%, and is expected to overtake English within the next 5 to 10 years.

Being a world church, materials are needed in many languages.  The Book of Mormon is currently available in 110 languages (complete and partial translations).  Teaching materials, handbooks and other Church supplies are all necessary wherever the Church is progressing.

Since 1970, the CTR ring has been an important part of the Primary program, helping children to remember to make good choices.  While originally made for children, there are now many CTR rings suitable for all ages. 

As with other Church supplies, the CTR ring is also available in many languages.  Here is the CTR translation in the top ten languages of the Church:

  1. English     6.08m  39.7%       CTR        Choose The Right
  2. Spanish      3.9m  31.1%       HLJ         Haz Lo Justo
  3. Portuguese  970k  7.7%       CTR        Conserva (a) Tua Rota
  4. Tagalog        172k  1.4%        PAT         Piliin Ang Tama
  5. Cebuano      131k  1.0%        PAM        Pilia Ang Matarung
  6. Japanese    118k   0.9%       (Same character as Li in Chinese, meaning Righteousness)
  7. Ilokano        113k    0.9%       PTR        Pilien ti Rumbeng
  8. Samoan      107k    0.9%       FMT        Filifili (le) Mea Tonu
  9. Tongan          80k    0.6          FKT         Fili Ki (he) Totonu
  10. Korean          79k    0.6%      (Korean characters)


(Figures based on Church population figures available in 2005 April Ensign)


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­­­Of course!  But make sure you choose the right CTR ring.

Giving jewelry is a very personal gift.  Firstly, it should match the age and personality of the recipient.  Some CTR rings are better suited for children, or aren’t made to last long term.

A Valentine’s gift is a token of affection, and the quality should reflect that.  For jewelry, always use precious metals like sterling silver or solid gold. 

At Celestial Ringdom, you will see a range of CTR jewelry that is totally unique.  We only carry jewelry that we have designed and made.  If you want to use the heart theme, there are several feminine rings that would be perfect. 

If you aren’t sure of the size, and want to make it a surprise, that’s fine.  You can select an approximate size, and exchange by mail if necessary afterwards.

And to make sure that it arrives in time, allow 3 to 5 days for shipping (free on purchases over $40).