In 1838, the Danish master sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen completed the Christus. It now stands inside the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Replicas can be found around the world.  Smaller versions take center place in homes that worship the Savior.

Thorvaldsen was an artistic prodigy, whose talent was recognized at an early age.  He was sent to Rome to study the classical style, and to be trained by the best in the world.  As well as his natural skill, he had an eye for original composition.

The most common depiction of Christ is on the cross.  The cross or crucifix, is prominent in Christian churches throughout history.  It is a symbol of Christ’s love and sacrifice for us.

The Christus focuses on the victory of the resurrection.  The scars of the crucifixion are only faintly visible.  The hands are now stretching out in a welcoming gesture.  His gaze is towards those who kneel before Him.  The inscription on the base is from Matthew 11:28 and reads, “KOMMER TIL MIG (Come unto me).

Christus , Christus necklace, Christus pendant

In 2020, I transformed the magnificent sculpture into a necklace 1 inch (25mm) high.  Working from photos from various angles as references, I used Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create a workable Christus necklace.  Several modifications were needed before I was satisfied with the result.  Once a master 3D file was made, I was able to start producing them in stainless steel, gold plate, Sterling silver and 14K gold.  Just like the sculptures, these have been sold around the world.

As an artist myself, I am in awe of Thorvaldsen’s achievements.


Many Christians wear a cross or crucifix as an outward sign of their faith.  While for some, it is little more than a fashion accessory, for others it has a greater significance.  Wearing the cross serves to identify the individual as a Christian.  Some believe that wearing a cross will provide divine protection.

Generally, Latter-day Saints do not wear crosses, despite sharing the Christian belief in Jesus as the Savior.  The most common reason given is that the cross represents the cause of death, with no reference to His resurrection.  Latter-day Saints prefer to focus on the living God rather than His temporary death.  An analogy often used is, “If your grandfather were to die in an auto accident, would you wear a small car around your neck to remember him?”

The CTR ring reminds the wearer of the Lord’s invitation to “Come, follow me.”  Choosing the right course of action will ensure that we can follow the Savior throughout our lives.