The big difference?

You won’t see the same CTR rings that everyone else has. We don’t sell other people’s jewelry. “Every CTR ring here began as an idea, a pencil, and lots of paper – until I got it right. My aim is to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, which includes a personal symbol of faith.” Bruce Hale, Jewelry Designer.

“Hello! I got my ring in the mail a few days ago and I wanted to send you a message and tell you how beautiful it is! I lost my old CTR ring right before coming home from my mission and searched the internet for two months before finding your rings. It is beautiful, simple and I get so many compliments on it! Thanks again! I hope you have the most wonderful day!”
Maddie, KY, Aug 2016

“We thought Emma (our granddaughter) was old enough to take care of a real piece of jewelry. And the CTR Heart pendant is something she can wear for the rest of her life.”
T & P, CA, March 2015

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