Every product begins with an idea and a blank piece of paper. Here are some examples of what is in the pipeline:

Diamond-set CTR Heart Pendant

Diamonds and hearts just go together so well. The diamonds are pave-set (bead-set) into the frame to accentuate the heart shape. It can be set with any stone or combination of stones.

CTR Heart Padlock Bracelet

The padlock bracelet has been very popular in England since the Victorian and Edwardian periods (mid 1800’s to early 1900’s). The padlock, in the shape of a heart, is a highly decorative clasp, sometimes featuring a keyhole. Over the years, many variations have been designed. The CTR Heart will be visible on both sides of the clasp. It is available in a variety of links.

LDS Pendants for various English speaking countries

The LDS USA Pendant is the first of the country-specific pendants. Pendants will be designed for other English speaking countries with significant LDS membership. They are suitable both for citizens of these countries and missionaries serving abroad.