History of the Irish Claddagh – Love, Loyalty and Friendship

The first Irish Claddagh Ring appeared 400 years ago in Galway, Ireland.  It takes its name from the small fishing village of Claddagh.

It features three elements: heart, crown and hands.  These represent love, loyalty and friendship.  Because of its special significance, it has a variety of uses.  As a gift, it can demonstrate affection ranging from respect to romance.  It can be worn as a token of Celtic pride or as a souvenir from the Emerald Isle.

One of the traditions associated with the Claddagh is the different ways that it can be worn.  On the right hand, wearing it with the heart towards you means that you are in a relationship.  With the heart pointed away, you are single.  If it is on the left hand, it serves as an engagement ring, and the heart is pointed away.  During the wedding ceremony, the ring is turned around so that the heart faces the wearer.

The Celestial Ringdom CTR Irish Claddagh has the same significant elements.  The heart features the CTR Heart monogram.  And there is a special feature in the crown.  Can you identify it?