What is the correct spelling of Claddagh?

Even Spellchecker struggles with this one.  While many people have heard of the Irish Claddagh Ring, few know how to spell it correctly without seeing it in print.

Here are some of the common misspellings:

Cladagh ring, cladough ring, claddaugh ring, cladaugh ring, claddah ring, colada ring, clada ring, cladder ring, claddar ring.

For the record, the correct spelling is claddagh ring.  It follows the Irish pattern of spelling, and reflects the Gaelic pronunciation.  The second syllable has a guttural sound, similar to the Scottish pronunciation of loch.  For those of us who don’t profess to speak Gaelic, it is easier to pronounce it as rhyming with ladder, but without an ‘r’ sound at the end.

The famous Irish Claddagh also has some other names: the Irish wedder, the Irish wedding ring, or simply, the Claddagh.  It means “shore”, and the first Claddagh ring came from the fishing village of Galway centuries ago.

At Celestial Ringdom, we have created two versions of the CTR Irish Claddagh. The first design is just for the ladies. 

The second style is available in mens and ladies sizes.  They will be available soon, or can be purchased as a special order.